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Month: September, 2010

Three granny lesbian’s makes a seductive play

Lesbian granny’s takes a threesome in the room while waiting for some customers to picked them up.This three granny’s are prostitute their life and income depends on how many customers picked them in one day.The more customer the more income they will get but this is not all the time.One day all other girls got booked out and the three of them are the only person left in the room to get the customers attention they had a little dirty played in the room for the customers to picked them up as a package.They put a show of a threesome lesbian sex.

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Two granny lesbians licked each others pussy

Two lesbian granny make out with each other they done it when they are both watching a porn in one of their friends house.While waiting for their friend who leaves the hose to buy some food they both got very horny with each other.The blonde girl undressed the other girl and start making out with her lips then to her nipples and eventually down to her pussy while licking it and start getting wet the other girl who has a tattoo on her lower back also did the same thing that the short hair lady did to her.They both reached their climax